cabin from east end

flat-top aster

outside the cabin

The Cabin at Lena Park -- from the back, October 2003

tucked in the woods, gently

A white pine plantation shelters the cabin from the west wind and reduces noise from the lightly used road; to the east soaring windows provide a wonderful view of the woods; oaks, ferns, redbellied woodpecker outside the great room windowwild blueberries and huckleberries create an enchantingly elfin scene. We've added a few domestic plants, but mostly we've preserved and enhanced the native flora with prairie, savanna and woodland plants native to the area, and well adapted to the sand.

The cabin at Lena Park was designed to help you to enjoy wildlife without being uncomfortable, and without making the wildlife uncomfortable either. From the porch, the deck, or even inside behind the big east facing windows, you'll be able to relax while you get in touch with nature. Deer, wild turkeys, butterflies, treefrogs, lizards, and many kinds of birds are commonly seen around the cabin. Flocks of eastern sandhill cranes often fly overhead in the spring and fall - an impressive sight! For the serious nature enthusiast, guided tours of the property are available.

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