spring on a woodland edge - Lena Park
greatroom at the Lena Park cabin
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Terms and Rates

Rental Rates

Two-night stays, regular rate - $130.00 per night w/ deposit of $60.00
Two-night stays, special weekday rate, when available - $110.00 per night w/ deposit of $60.00
Three to Six night stays - $110 per night w/ deposit of $110.00
Weekly (seven nights) - $ 600.00 w/ deposit $150.00
Single night - $ 175.00 w/ deposit $60.00

We sometimes offer reduced rates for off-peak weekdays. Feel free to ask about dates that may be available at a lower rate. As the rates suggest, we encourage guests to stay at least two nights, the Cabin at Lena Park is a country getaway designed for nature lovers and those seeking respite from the stresses of urban life -- we don't try to compete with motels.

All prices above are based on two (2) people. Additional rates may apply to larger groups.

Rental fee payable in full at check-in. Out of state residents may be required to make a damage deposit. Sorry, no credit cards.

General Rental Policies


It's natural! The cabin at Lena Park is definitely in the woods. We make every effort to operate it with as little impact on the natural landscape as is practical; that means we don't spray for insects outside of the building, we don't mow any more area than is necessary. We try to avoid doing anything that will be harmful to the wildlife. If you're looking for a manicured, suburbanified spot, try the hotel by the Interstate.

Cabin Features

Supplies Provided

the front porch is a fav with our guests